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Want to listen to more from Bear Cole? It’s easy. For DJ Mixes go to Mixcloud . For original producti0n and music by Bear Cole go to 1stDropMusic.com .

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DJ Bear Cole

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Experience Makes A Difference

I have worked as a Club & Event DJ and Producer For Decades

Hello I am DJ Bear Cole. I have experience as a resident Dj spinning at 2,550+ capacity night clubs, and extensive event experience. As an entertainer I have always been known as a crowd reader with an amazingly deep knowledge of multiple genres and generations of music. I can chill out a lounge and create atmosphere, or create killer energy to pack a dance floor for hours. I am best known for mixing diverse genres and time frames of music into one cohesive dance floor rocking set.

I consider myself a Record Selector, Open Format DJ, or what I like to call a Shuffle Play DJ. This means I play like someone’s record collection, iTunes, or Spotify would if you put it on shuffle. A mix of multiple genres, tastes, artists, and styles. Deep and spanning musical knowledge. You can checkout my mixes or catch a livestream to get a better idea.

I also produce my own music for a boutique label I run called 1st Drop Music. My music is just as diverse as my DJ sets, but always based in dance music.

DJ Bear Cole DJ Booth

More Than Just A DJ

Bear Gallagher-Cole aka DJ Bear Cole is based out of Flagstaff Arizona. He maintains multiple monthly, weekly, and special occasion events all over Flagstaff, and the state of Arizona. He has worked countless venues and events as a DJ in multiple facets for over 2 decades. Bear Cole curates mix shows, playlists, and a subscription channel online. He is a professional entertainer and consultant, meaning that he provides a diverse suite of services to his clients. As the owner of 1st Drop Entertainment, he uses his powers for good by helping medium to small sized businesses with entertainment services and booking.

DJ Bear Cole has degrees in Audio Engineering, Web & Graphic Design, and has worked extensively in I.T., Marketing, and Promotions. This allows him to bring more to events than just a hard drive full of music.

Bear is the Manager of Peaks ProEvent Services. They provide High-End Event DJ services for Weddings, Corporate Events, School Dances, and much more. As the Manager, Bear gets to train up and coming DJs, and help Coordinate 100’s of Events a Year. Peaks ProEvent Services in conjunction with Peaks Audio is the Premier provider of DJ Services, Photo Booths, Audio, Lighting, and Video for events of all sizes in Northern Arizona.

DJ Bear Cole started out his career as a DJ and Musician as a fanatical music fan. He has never played or made music for fame or stacks of money. Bear loves the ability of a DJ / Producer to make people happy for a span of time. Maybe they had a bad day at work, went through a tragedy recently, or just came out to a Club, Bar, or Wedding to have some fun and blow off some steam. Bear’s favorite part of his job is that he gets to use music to get them to forget about their stress and problems for a little while, and just enjoy dancing and life. Music is one of the key elements of true Celebration.

I Make Events Successful

Growing up in The Grand Canyon National Park influenced Bear in many ways. It gave him a very unique world view, but also a unique vision of music and sound. How is this? By putting him in touch with the music and ceremonies of multiple Native American tribes, and visitors from every corner of the globe on a daily basis.

Bear Cole has over 2 decades of experience as a Professional DJ, producer, and musician. This means he has toured, held residencies, produced, and worked Weddings, School Functions, and Corporate Events. He has experience as an Audio Engineer, Producer, and DJ.

I don’t consider myself a Mobile DJ. As a matter of fact I don’t consider myself to be a DJ at all. I am a Professional Record Selector with a deep understanding and passion for music, and an understanding of how to make some of the most important events in people’s lives successful and full of great memories.

I Am A Leader

Whether it is leading a team of employees as a Team Lead, Supervisor, Manager, or even a group of hikers as a guide, I am a leader. I don’t just say that either. I have years of experience and training in Leadership strategies and fundamentals.This includes training I received as a member and recipient of a Full Ride Academic and Leadership Scholarship as part of the Arizona State University Leardership Scholarship Program.  I have held numerous positions at different companies in the role of Management and Leadership. I am humbled and motivated when I know the success of others depends on me.

I currently manage a team of DJs, Photographers, and Event Professionals as the Wedding & Events Manager and Head DJ for Peaks Pro Event Services. I am not the type of guy who just stands behind the decks and pushes play. I expect more from every event or company I am a part of.


What People Have To Say About DJ Bear Cole

DJ Bear is a music lifer and total pro! His knowledge of tracks spans decades and a wide variety of genres. Over a decade of club, events, and music production work had given him a fine tuned eye for reading any crowd. I’ve personally referred him to many clients looking for a top notch DJ experience, and have never had anything but rave reviews post-event. He’s got the technical expertise to do a variety of complex performance transitions, and a huge library with something for everybody. Most importantly he’s a super nice and relatable person who will fit right in at your event. Definitely would highly recommend Bear to anyone for their next event!

DJ Bear Cole is amazing! He plays to the crowd and keeps the party going. Whatever event you are hosting, he is your man.  You cannot be in the room without dancing!

We used the services of Peaks ProEvent for our ceremony music, lighting, sound, and reception entertainment. Bear’s service was amazing!!! We met with him in advance and explained our plan for the service and style for the reception. We had so many complement us on the music and how fitting it was for us and for our guests!! During the ceremony we had my Mother-in-law sing and she had a sound check with Bear the day of — he adjusted for her vocal power and the sound and song were amazing!! He also maintained a great flow for the evening and accommodated any of our ad hoc adjustments with easy! A true professional!! We also had extra lighting for our outdoor tent and it was amazing!! I highly recommend Peaks ProEvent Services!!


Dj Bear Cole is a phenomenal artist and human being. It’s truly a pleasure working with him on a weekly basis. Words can’t articulate the the dedication this man puts in to his craft and the results he produces. You have to be a part of it first hand.

There is not enough words to describe DJ Bear Cole! He DJ’d at our wedding and it was EPIC! We highly recommend him for all occasions he is phenomenal!!

I’ve never been disappointed by DJ Bear Cole’s skills, I’ve always been able to bust a move and dance my heart out every time he spins. Thank you for bringing good music back to downtown Flagstaff.

I cannot praise DJ Bear Cole enough! We met him a while ago as he was a DJ at a local Flagstaff bar and we knew one day we would want him for our wedding! He made our wedding the most fun! He was so incredibly organized and made everything run smooth. We danced straight for a couple hours and it was so fun, he’s incredible at his craft!


Dj Bear Cole is one of the best djs I have had to pleasure to listen to, and become friends with. He always has the freshest music, along with perfectly mixed in classics, making for the best dance party possible! Every other dj will now be compared to you, which will be an impossible act to follow!!! Keep up the amazing work, Bear!! You have a lifelong follower!

DJ Bear Cole is professional, entertaining, and versatile! From his smooth transitions to his abundant library of classics and hits from the funkiest genres, he is sure to provide an outstanding addition to any event. He’ll add the groove to every party and has made dancing with me girls a real treat!

DJ Bear Cole is seriously the best!! If I could have him be at every location party/location/bar/work/life I would!!! It’s really hard taking a break on the dance floor when he plays every single song you can get down to! You’re amazing DJ Bear!!! Keep doing what you’re doing!


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DJ Bear Cole & The Party Animals Mixes

Bear Cole & The Party Animals

Bear Cole can be your personal Record Selector. Visit The DJ Bear Cole & The Party Animals Mixcloud to hear mixes in various genres. You can even subscribe for special members only mixes, offline listening, members only live mixes directly from the club & more! Let DJ Bear Cole & The Party Animals become your Record Selectors and you will never need to look for new music again. Weekly mixes, special members only content, and loads of music new and old.

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