About DJ Bear Cole

DJ Bear Cole

My goal is to provide unmatched customer service wherever I play. I am happy to be your DJ, Consultant, Planner, and General Go-To for any event that needs to be perfect.

DJ Bear Cole

DJ, MC, Producer

Top Level Service, Musical Knowledge, Event Experience.

My name is Bear Gallagher-Cole, but many know me as DJ Bear Cole. There are really only a couple things I need you to know about me. I am a Professional DJ, MC, and Producer. I work in many facets of the industry. I DJ Weddings, Corporate Events, School Functions, and Company Parties for Peaks Pro Event Services. I am also the Manager there. I DJ Clubs, Bars, and Special Events for my company 1st Drop Entertainment.


I have been happily married with kids since my early 20’s. I started DJing Professionally about 1997-1998. I have multiple degrees in Audio, Web, and Techie Stuff. I grew up inside the Grand Canyon National Park and on the Navajo Reservation. I moved back to Flagstaff Arizona because I am in love with the outdoors. If I’m not DJing or working on events, you can almost guaranty I am camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing somewhere way out in the woods.

Original Music & Podcast

I run a small boutique music company / record label called 1st Drop Music. I use it mainly to release my original music, remixes, and DJ tools. I curate a Podcast called The Grab Bag With Bear Cole, and a whole bunch of playlists on iTunes and Spotify. I take pride in my diverse music knowledge and tastes, so be ready to be taken on a ride through many styles and decades of music if you decide to listen.

Open Format/Shuffle Play DJ

  1. What Kind Of DJ Are You?:

    I am what some people would call an open format DJ. I coined my own term for my style, Shuffle Play DJ. This means I play like someone’s record collection, iTunes, or Spotify would if you put it on shuffle. A mix of multiple genres, tastes, artists, and styles. The fun part is making this quick hitting style applicable to a dance floor and still work. I love mixing things you would never expect, and keeping listeners happily surprised. I’m a Record Selector. I play to the event. I don’t play a specific genre. I have played everything from Disco, to Top40, to Hip-Hop, to House, to Raves and plenty more. My style is a mix between Old-School, Mash-Ups, and Mix DJ. More than anything I am a music fan, and a musician myself. Listen to my podcast and mixes or my radio station. and you will see I don’t just say it – my style is extremely diverse. When you catch me at a gig where I get to play my style it will be a furious but smooth mix of tunes. This means that I incorporate technical Old-School technique and by ear transitions with a mish mash of Old and New songs from multiple genres. I am of the opinion that good dance music makes you move no matter who made it, or when. So I like to blur the lines between genres, styles, and decades. I want you to find one new song, and be happily surprised at least once during my set. I am known for picking a record out of the air, that nobody expects, and dropping it at just the right time so everybody pretty much has to dance to it even if they don’t know why! I like to surprise my dance floor and throw in some quirky secrets.

  2. People have compared my style to DJ AM, Z-Trip, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and DJs in this realm. I think this is a bit too much of a compliment, but I’ll take it.

DJ Bear Cole an Intro

DJ-Bear-Cole-Digging--Photo-by-Shana-OhDJ Bear Cole wants to keep the art of Record Selection about the love for and knowledge of music. He started to DJ because he owned more music than anyone else he knew. Hours of listening and appreciation lead to Bear’s ability to choose the right music to set a mood or accompany a specific event. He added his love of music into a pot of skills he picked up performing as a Touring Musician & MC himself, producing multiple tracks and projects for his own albums and a wide array of artists, and finishing an education in Audio Engineering and Studio Recording. The end result is an over 2 decade career as a DJ, or what he likes to call Record Selector.

He began to DJ in 1994, and got his first Professional gig in 1997. He has played on Turntables, CDJs, Mini Disks, and Controllers. Serato didn’t exist when he was mixing records in his back room. For Bear Cole DJing is far from being about the Gear. Bear has played music for huge Night Clubs, Concerts, Weddings, Corporate Events, School Dances, Dive Bars, and House Parties. Record Selection isn’t about scratching and fancy effects. Record Selection is creating seamless mixes of the right music no matter the time period or genre, to create the desired mood.

He is most often compared to DJs such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ AM. This is because of his knack for mixing songs from all different generations and genres into one cohesive set. He might rock a set of Deep House one night, Country another, and Old School Hip-Hop the next. DJ Bear Cole is best known for mixing a set of dance and party music without boundaries. Beat matching James Brown, into Ed Sheeran, into Nirvana, into Kendrick Lamar, into Bruno Mars, into an obscured house track would be par for the course at many of Bear Cole’s sets.

DJ Bear Cole held residences and played Clubs all over Scottsdale, Las Vegas, and much of the Southwest for years. Lately however, Bear Cole has taken a step back from playing out every night. He can be found in bars, clubs, and events of all sorts from time to time. Mostly though, Bear has focused his energy on training other DJs for success, event promotions, and taking the Event Coordination lead on Weddings & Events.

Whenever he does play out he hopes to educate listeners and help them find a new tune that makes their night, whether it be old or new. DJ Bear Cole is a music lifer, with decades of events and tunes behind him, and so many more on the horizon.

DJ-Bear-Cole-Daydream-Photo-by-Shana-OhDJ Bear Cole has over 2 decades of experience. He started his professional career as a DJ around Tempe & Scottsdale Arizona about 1998. However, before going pro Bear was known to DJ multiple events, including his own High School Prom! Bear was the head resident DJ and lighting and sound for the Martini Ranch & the Shaker Room in Scottsdale Arizona for 7 years. He has opened shows as big as Ice Cube, Afrika Baambaataa, DJ Keoki, and as little as your corner dive bar. Bear toured playing shows all around the United States before taking a break from DJ and moving into the role of producer for multiple projects.

DJ Bear Cole has worked in many capacities as a DJ, Audio Engineer, and Performer. He holds degrees in Audio Engineering and Studio Recording, Web & Graphic Design, and Web Development. Bear Cole has experience working at professional events like Corporate Parties, Weddings, School Dances, and Company Holiday Celebrations. He also has experience working as a resident DJ at Clubs and Bars. Bear Cole spent a large chunk of his career working as a Producer and Songwriter as well. Bear Cole currently works several weekly and monthly events, and works as the Operations Manager of Peaks Pro Event Services which is a full service events company based out of Flagstaff Arizona.

One unique thing about DJ Bear Cole is that he doesn’t consider himself a DJ at all. He prefers the term Record Selector. The key difference he says is “A DJ is a master of one genre. You go to watch him play a set all in that genre. A turntablist is a technical master of scratching techniques and gear. I am neither, I am a record selector. A record selector is a music fan. He can play in multiple genres from multiple generations, and even combine them all into one cohesive set. My specialty is funk & old-school hip-hop, but I can play all modern dance at a club one night, Top 40 at a School Dance the next, Oldies at a Wedding, and then country at a bar the next night.”

This eclectic knowledge of generational music is what has set DJ Bear Cole apart from the rest. “I have opened for Hip-Hop acts, and Rock Bands. I myself am a songwriter and MC and go by Bear the Astronot. Even as an artist my tastes are eclectic. I love old soul, blues, country, and bluegrass. My podcast The Grab Bag With Bear Cole helps people to learn more about far reaching genres, and learn about some of the great musical sounds & secrets I have picked up over the years.”

If you can get out to see DJ Bear Cole live at an event or night make sure you do. You are guaranteed to be blasted with a unique blitz of beats that show you how deep Bear Cole’s love for music goes. However, if you can’t, make sure you check in on his podcast The Grab Bag from time to time, and let him be your own personal Record Selector.


Weddings & Professional Event Services


Bear Gallagher-Cole is the Manager of Peaks Pro Event Services which is a full service DJ and Photo Booth company. Peaks Pro Event’s DJs specialize in Entertainment and MC services for events. Bear has an amazing team of Professional DJs and Photographers that work with him to bring to life some of the most elaborate Weddings and Events in the South West.

With an array of Sound, Lighting, and Video equipment Peaks Pro Event Services can take your Wedding or School Dance a step above the rest. For School Dances all of the DJs are Responsible DJ Certified through the School Dance Network. This means they are trained in keeping School Events Fun and APPROPRIATE at the same time! This Certification can put your School Administrators at ease.

If you are looking to book DJ Bear Cole for a Club, Bar, Venue, or as a Consultant he will speak with you directly. Please contact him here. If you are looking to book a DJ for your Wedding, Special Event, or School Dance it is very possible that he will be assisting you in his role as the manager of Peaks Pro Event Services to make sure these important events get a team of professionals concentrating on them with the level of attention they deserve.

Let’s Get Started!



DJ-Bear-Cole-Flagstaff-Arizona-Black-n-White-Photo-by-Shana-OhBear began his career in music and audio as a Professional DJ. Starting professionally in 1997 he played over 20 clubs in the Southwest, with a spot as the House DJ at Martini Ranch and The Shaker Room in Scottsdale Arizona for over 7 years. He also spun at Insomnia, Polyesters, Sanctuary, Freedom, Next, and was a DJ for the infamous Peppermint Disco for sometime. He would often switch between multiple bars, clubs, and venues in the same night playing varying genres and to crowds from 100 to 500 to 5,000 people. He has mixed opening sets for Afrikaa Bambataa, DJ Keoki, Ice Cube, The Funkler, and many more. Being a professional DJ from 1997-2004 put him through school, and allowed him to open a Disc Jockey and Audio Engineering business that was successful enough to pay all the bills and support several employees as well.

However, he chose to explore other adventures after finishing his first degree in Audio Engineering and Studio Recording, and started to DJ mainly as a hobby. He finished separate degree programs in Web & Graphic Design and Web Development, and started a new business with his wife providing Marketing, Promotions, and Online Services for small businesses and musicians.

After an extended break from professional DJ’ing DJ Bear Cole jumped back on the 1’s and 2’s. It took a bit of time to make the transition from vinyl and CD’s to Serato and Controllers, but DJ’ing is only partially about the technical skill. The most important skill a DJ can have is knowing how to read the crowd and adapt. Bear Cole has always been revered for his ability to read a crowd and also blend multiple genres and decades into a cohesive set.

Current Gigs

Bear Cole is The Manager of and a Professional Event DJ for Peaks Pro Event Services in Flagstaff Arizona. In this role he lends his skills to professional events, weddings, and school functions.

Bear is also the Head DJ for The McMillan in Downtown Flagstaff where he offers up his musical knowledge and experience to create a one of a kind atmosphere at this beautifully constructed bar. He is also currently booked to play every 1st Friday at Majerle’s Flagstaff. Bear Cole can be found playing music all over Arizona.

Bear as always offers up a cohesive blending of Genres, Decades, and Hits that is guaranteed to keep dance floor patrons, bourbon drinkers, and true music fans of all ages entertained.

Bear also owns and operates 1st Drop Entertainment and  Free the Line Designs. His work for these companies encompasses a wide range of Marketing, Promotions, Graphics, and Online Services.

Diverse Experience

The job of DJ is not what it was when DJ Bear Cole started. Back then his skill for digging through music was legendary. Back then he traveled to gigs with over a hundred pounds of vinyl, turntables, cd’s, and a memory built specifically for remembering BPM’s.

Now with the addition of modern technology, the internet, and Serato this skill set has changed. He might be getting older, but there is still something besides his knowledge of music that sets Bear apart. As a graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences Bear Cole is also trained and works as an Audio Engineer and System Integrations Engineer. Bear has worked decades in Audio, Production, Show Promotion, and Studio Recording. This allowed him to work in multiple high end recording studios and on large tours for artists such as The Rolling Stones, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban. Bear has also spent years working in Audio Visual productions with experience in not only Audio, but Lighting and Video.

For years, Bear was a touring MC and Musician. He has performed on huge stages opening for artists such as Atmosphere, Sage Francis, Authority Zero, Bionic Jive, Young Thug, GraySkul, 2 Live Crew, Kool Keith, and too many more to list. As Bear the Astronot the MC and Producer, Bear won Number One Hip-Hop group in Arizona from the New Times in 2009 Summer of Sound. During this time Bear Cole also worked as a promoter building his own shows, searching out talent, and creating successful events. He also owned a Record Label named The Unhype Music Group, which has now transformed into an umbrella company for his multiple musical endeavors.

This diverse experience makes Bear more than just a guy with some headphones and some music. DJ Bear Cole knows how to work a successful event, and keep people happy. Bear is still available to work your event, build a club night for you, or even as a consultant for your new idea. Just hit him up and ask. Interested? Contact 1st Drop Entertainment now to get started.

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