Information you need to know before you ask DJ Bear Cole to DJ your Wedding

Does DJ Bear Cole DJ Weddings?

I absolutely DJ Weddings, and have had the pleasure to be the DJ, MC, Entertainment Coordinator, or Event Coordinator for hundreds of weddings. I think the job of Wedding DJ/MC is an honor, and something that needs to be taken extremely seriously.

Here is what is important for you to know. I am the Manager, Head DJ, and Event Coordinator for a company called Peaks ProEvent Services. This means that I am the main point of contact, trainer, coordinator, and manager of a whole team of wedding DJs. This also means that I plan more weddings these days than I DJ.

This being said, if you contact me to DJ a wedding, I will first give me my contact information at Peaks ProEvent Services. I will then walk you through the steps, pricing, and packages we offer. It is possible that I will be able to DJ your wedding. However, it is also possible that I will book one of my amazing team mates as your DJ. Either way, you can rest assured that you will get just the same service as I would provide….shoot, maybe even better.

If you have heard me at another event, venue, or wedding and only want to book me, we can look at the dates and times for your wedding and see what we can work out.

Why Does It Cost More For A Wedding DJ?

Getting married is not something most people do often. For this reason, it can be confusing to see the prices DJs charge to work a wedding. Wedding DJ Prices may take you by surprise. They are often higher than you would expect to pay to have a DJ for 5 hours at for instance a regular party. They absolutely should be! Let me break down the reasons why, and explain why you may see a difference in price. You might be able to hire a DJ that charges less, but you probably don’t want to.

    Remember Every Wedding is Essentially A Live Broadcast and There is No Room For Error.

  1. Pre-Planning: As a DJ I offer unlimited preplanning for an event. This means I am going to meet with you, go over all of the special events and timeline, and help you pick the right songs. Some weddings can take more than 30 hours of preplanning, organizing, and song library preparation.
  2. MC Responsibilities: As a Wedding DJ it is my job to make sure things run smoothly, the guests know where to go and what is happening next, and you keep the crowd engaged and having fun. This often means that I have to be just as familiar with the timeline for your event as the wedding planner. This takes hours of planning and organizing, and also requires plenty of hands on when things get shuffled during the event. Which they will.
  3. Gear: Wedding DJs have to bring plenty of gear. Sometimes up to 3 sound systems worth. One for Ceremony, One for Cocktail Hour, and One for the Reception. They also have to keep this gear working properly and pretty. Not to mention making sure they have the right transportation to get it to the wedding.
  4. Music: Wedding DJs can’t specialize. A wedding is a more diverse coming together of people than almost any other event a DJ could work. Sure you might want to just hear your favs, but there will be people from all over the country or world, of all age groups there too expecting the DJ to throw in a couple for them too.
  5. Responsibility: A Wedding DJ is a different breed of professional. You can hire a friend or a guy you liked from the bar, but that does not mean they should be trusted with one of the biggest most important days of your life. Every wedding is essentially a live broadcast, and there is not room for error. I personally attend numerous trainings, classes, work shops and events to make sure I am a consummate professional. As you can imagine this training isn’t free.

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