Dance Flagstaff

The Flagstaff Arizona Dance Collective

What Is Dance Flagstaff?

Dance Flagstaff is a Dance Collective and Community created by Deidra Gallagher-Cole and her husband DJ Bear Cole. Their mission is to throw events where dancing is the focus!

Dance Flagstaff is a collective and a community. It isn’t necessarily a dance crew, but it is a way to be a part of a family of people who want to go out to dance! We use our Facebook Group to share events, music, dance videos, and more. If you are interested in being a member of Dance Flagstaff make sure you join the Facebook Group.



1st Friday Dance Fiasco at Majerle's with DJ Bear Cole

There are no requirements to become a part of Dance Flagstaff. We just ask that you follow the rules we state below, help promote or spread the word about our events, and come out and dance with us!

The Rules for all Dance Flagstaff Members

  • Help promote and foster the Dance Flagstaff family. Spread the word about our community and events. Invite your friends, and engage people you think would be a good fit, or would enjoy our events.
  • Cultivate an environment that is safe for anyone of any age, race, religion, sexual preference, or skill level to enjoy music and dance.
  • Make dancing the focus of all Dance Flagstaff events.
  • Treat others with respect and integrity.
  • Have fun! Help everyone around you have fun too!
  • Dance and appreciate music from multiple decades and genres.
  • Express yourself creatively through dance.
  • Dance to new and differing music, and allow Dance Flagstaff DJs to express themselves creatively for you.
  • Treat the staff, employees, bartenders, security and other members of any venue with courtesy and respect. Make sure they have fun too!
  • Hold yourself and others accountable to these rules.