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Join me “DJ Bear Cole” and the “Party Animals” and get an organized view of my eclectic tastes. I share live mixes, 1 Take DJ Mixes, and more for your listening enjoyment. Let me introduce you to the Party Animal crew, so you can figure out which DJ mixes interest you most..

DJ Bear Cole Open Format DJ Mixes

DJ Bear Cole – Open Format

What it do! My name is Bear Cole. I am all about Keeping it Eclectic and Open Format. Listen to my mixes to expand your musical horizons, and hear something different than the norm.

House Husky – House, EDM, Dance

I am the House Husky! I love all types of House and Electronic Dance Music. I specialize in House, Jackin’ House, Deep House, Afro House, and just generally sexy ass dance music. Howl at the late night moon with me, and get ready to dance.

Bad Dog – Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap, R&B, Urban

Yo Suckas! I’m Bad Dog. I got love for the streets. My mixes are all about Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B. It doesn’t matter if it is Brand New or Old School to me, as long as it’s good. I might even through some Trap and other Urban sounds into my mixes. I’ll make sure you shake your ass or nod your head.

Cool Cat – Chill, Indie, Other

I’m Cool Cat, and I’m way too cool for most. My mixes are all about Chill, Indie, Downtempo, and Abstract sounds. If you like to vibe, grab a cocktail, and let’s explore music that is too cool for most.

Grimehall Giraffe – Dancehall, Latin, Afro & UK, Grime, World

Holla! I’m Grimehall Giraffe. I’m a world traveler, and my mixes are all about worldly and tropical riddims. My mixes range from Dancehall, to Grime, to Latin, to Afro, to World. If you love Latino, African, or Reggae Riddims, I got you mate.

Funk Fox – Funk, Disco, Classics, Old School

I’m the Funk Fox, and I’m all about the classics. My mixes bring back the past. Whether it is a collection of Funk, Disco, Freestyle, New Jack Swing, or Classics I keep the old school fresh for you.

Mainstream Mania – Pop, Mainstream, Pop, Radio

If you are a fan of Pop, Radio Hits, Mainstream Radio, or Top40 DJ Bear Cole brings you Mainstream Mania. You can expect an energetic rush of popular and fun tunes every single time you tune in.


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