Guilty Pleasures Cheesy Music Night Spotify Playlist


So I came up with this crazy idea one morning in the shower while singing Yacht Rock at the top of my lungs. It came to me like a whisper, but quickly rose in volume to a bellowing roar. “Embrace the Cheese!” Don’t be the DJ snob who lists off deep house tracks from the bowels of Beatport that nobody gives a s&*$ about. Recognize how important the nostalgic power of cheesy music is. Just make a fun bar night, based on nothing but Guilty Pleasure songs.

That day an amazing dream was born. A dream of songs we acted like we hated for years, but now secretly enjoy under the cover of night.

I have captured that dream in a Spotify playlist and served up 100 percent cheese for those brave enough to listen. Guilty Pleasure songs. The ones we all sing in the shower, but are too afraid to admit we enjoy. Who knows if any of us will live through the first Guilty Pleasures Cheesy Music Night. It is possible we drown in sappy-cheesy-goo. We are never afraid however. This day we play DJ Bear Cole’s Guilty Pleasures Cheesy Music Playlist in our Spotify. This day we live like we are brave enough to take on any Radio Pillaged Pop Tune! “We Embrace The Cheese!” Enjoy….