Dance & Classics Open Format Live Mix

Live Open Format Mix for Multi Generational Dance Floor

Open Format, Chill Dance, Hip-Hop, Classics. A live mix cut from DJ Bear Cole’s set at FUNK LOUNGE Saturday nights at The McMillan in Downtown Flagstaff Arizona. Reading the crowd, warming up the dance floor, and mixing super Open Format to keep em’ dancing. Floor was multi generational at this point.


Dance & Classics Live Mix – Listen

Explicit Content

Featuring Songs By

Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Calvin Harris, Marvin Gaye, Bee Gees, Kool & The Gang, & More.

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Bear Cole has worked just about every job in the music industry. He is a Songwriter, DJ, Musician, MC, and Producer. He is a certified Audio Engineer, has worked in studios, promoted shows, managed bands, worked at record stores, and owned a record label. However, before all that he was just a music fan. His love for music continues to drive his pursuit to save the good stuff in any way he can. Whether it is with writing and reviews, as a curator for his podcast The Grab Bag, or as a listener. Bear can be caught out and about as DJ Bear Cole, Behind the Mic and Boards as Bear the Astronot, And as a Producer Turntable Kachina.